The Milkhouse Cottage

When the farm was an active dairy, the milk was stored in bulk tanks in the lower part of the milkhouse and ice was stored in the loft. In winter the ice was cut from Otter Creek across the road and hauled by horses to the milkhouse where it was taken to the loft and packed in sawdust for insulation from the summer heat. When needed, blocks of ice were placed in containers and lowered into the tanks of milk below. That same loft now holds a king sized bed with headboard made from wide planks taken from the original walls of the building. The loft overlooks the living and dining area with its cast iron fireplace stove and armoire that conceals the satellite TV. The beautiful plank floors of varying widths are original to the cottage, which also includes kitchenette, dining area, living room with sofa bed, and large bath with whirlpool tub. Off the living room, through the double French doors, is a deck overlooking the meadow and adjoining farm, which was the boyhood home of Israel Munson who built the home in 1845. The Milkhouse can be rented by the week as a housekeeping cottage or by the day as a B and B guest room including breakfast. (See Rates)


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