The Israel Munson Room

If you are looking for early Victorian charm, look no further. The Israel Munson room, with its fainting couch, carved mahogany canopy bed, massive antique wardrobe, and ornate marble-top dresser is the epitome of style from that era. The hand crocheted coverlet and hand knotted canopy lend a touch of romance, while the antique oak stand with chamber pot and old iron washstand with bowl and pitcher are reminders of the days when these items were necessities. The recently renovated bath will pamper you with all the comforts of the present, including personal bathrobes, dressing table, and single person whirlpool tub and shower. The corner fireplace will assure that you stay warm and cozy, no matter how cold it may get outside. The four tall windows in this room offer a sweeping view of the Green Mountains and the rolling meadows. (See Rates)


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